Tandler & Partner


Our understanding of economic matters enables us to recognize signs of each escalation as early as possible and to clear it up cooperatively with all parties involved. But court settlements, due to their cost and slow pace often represent a significant danger to your interests which should be avoided. In addition they freeze up personal resources and often obstruct any further profitable cooperation for years.

Not only in business, but also in the area of family law, well-prepared mediation can help to avoid long lasting proceedings from the outset or to end them to the relief of all. Especially when children are involved, attention must be paid to the future and consensual solutions, as the parties involved remain connected to each other through their children for a lifetime.

Your contact persons:

Nicole Glaubrecht, Attorney at law, specialist in construction and architectural law, mediator, partner within the meaning of the German Partnership Act (PartGG).
Dr. Sandra Hofmann, Attorney at law, specialist in rental and residential property law, specialist in family law, certified mediator