Tandler & Partner

Public procurement law

Often in construction and real estate projects there are procurement problems in connection with services and independent contractors which cannot be solved without specialized legal knowledge in the area of procurement law. In this area we offer both public entities as well as suppliers the necessary specialized expertise in order to make implementation of the project possible in their interest. We accompany serve you in all areas of the contract award process and will engage ourselves for you in particular in the following fields:

  • Act against Restraints of Competition (GWB), German Construction Contract Procedures Part A (VOB/A), Regulation on the Award of Public Contracts (VOL), Regulation on the Awarding of Contracts for Freelance Services (VOF)
  • Clarification of requirements specific to the award of contracts
  • Preparation of contract award concepts
  • Consultation relating to the preparation of documents for requests for proposals
  • Contract award review process
  • Promotion and subsidy law

Your contact person:

Nicole Glaubrecht, Attorney at law, specialist in construction and architectural law, mediator, partner within the meaning of the German Partnership Act (PartGG).
Sandro Wendnagel, Attorney at law, partner within the meaning of the German Partnership Act (PartGG)